The Geological Engineering Foundation 

The Geological Engineering Foundation is a not for profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation, established  in the 1960's by Professors Richard Goodman and Tor Brekke to provide continuing education opportunities in geological engineering and rock mechanics. Today, this tradition is continued by the current UC Berkeley GeoSystems program faculty by offering short courses on a broad range of subjects in applied geosciences such as geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, rock mechanics, geomatics, and sensing technologies for mapping, site characterization, and site monitoring. The net proceeds from these activities, on the average 80% of gross income, are donated to support educational activities in the GeoSystems program at UC Berkeley. 

upcoming COURSES

An upcoming short course series is being offered by the Geological Engineering Foundation in the early months of 2024:

The following course is scheduled for 2025. You can sign up to receive email updates about course developments: