Participant feedback

2021-2022 SHORT COURSEs

Location of 2021-2022 Short Course Participants: 339 participants from 42 countries and 34 US States

In January 2021, we offered for the first time this short course that builds on the instructors' expertise, and consulting experience.  The course was very well received, and so with the feedback we received made improvements and offered a second course May 20-21 2021 and again on May 2022. Below is feedback from previous participants. 

Overall 98% being happy with the course organization, and 94% with the course content. In addition, 92% would recommend the course to their colleagues

The course is offered again with improvements for a fourth time in May 2023 and is expected to be offered only once this year 

"From my perspective, the course was an eye-opener. I used to attend the “Geotechnical Instrumentation” short course held every two years in... Your course revealed the practical implication of such instrumentation and brought my mind to a level that I did not think existed with respect to remote sensing (and its level of reliability). Essentially, your course has opened my eyes to potential future business opportunities. With that said, I would definitely take your short course on a regular basis in order to develop confidence in myself prior to venturing in that direction. Thank you for your hard work as well as the hard work of the other presenters; that effort was clearly evident."

"I absolutely enjoyed the course, keep doing these!"

"With little exception, what I really like about the short course is the ingenuity and technical honesty in the content you guys have delivered. I have attended many instrumentation classes and seminars before, but never learned as much as I did in those 2 days."

"I'm writing to share with you all my satisfaction for the course on geotechnical monitoring.  I found all the contents very interesting and the course very well organized. Please let me know if there will be other "editions"."

"The discussions at the end of the presentations were just as valuable as the presentations themselves. Please do keep in time for those discussion sessions in future versions of the course."

"This course was an eye opener and was very much appreciated and enjoyed."

"The course was very well organized and delivered. I really like how everyone stayed on time. Thanks!"

"A fantastic workshop. Very well organized and very informative."

"Your course was enlightening for me to see such incredible innovations within the industry. The technology you brought forth is absolutely amazing. Being so junior in my career, getting a taste of different ideas & techniques is certainly eye opening."